Shaping Light – initial photos

Initial photos focusing on lighting around the campus.

I narrowed down about 100 photos to these ones, where I found the light to be most effective and evidential within the photos. Although some are most abstract, the linking light brings them together, with similar colour palettes throughout.

Although not allowed to use photoshop within this project, we are allowed to use in camera settings such as black and white filters. With my Fujifilm (xt10) I’m able to apply a few different filters, such as ‘chromatic chrome’ (takes the saturation of colours down) or ‘vivid’ (which does the opposite). I felt like applying these however might be taking it a step too far, giving me a different feel to my photos that wouldn’t quite match the others within the project.

For this shoot I mainly used my 35mm lens, which has the option for manual focus, but with this shoot I used an automatic. I feel like my camera is quite intuitive to where abouts I want it to focus, and if not I can always change it on the actual display.

I love the use of reflections in the top two, the layers throughout the photo gives the image depth, every aspect managing to latch on to something else in what I think is quite a busy, yet easy image to read. The pops of red create a really nice contrast to the red, I’m quite impressed with how well the colours are taken straight from the camera.

I don’t think the black and white tones aren’t quite dark enough, I think if I was more knowledgable about my camera and its settings I would’ve been able to adjust the shadows to be deeper, instead of a flat grey.



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