DSLR Induction – Photo Experiments

Scan 1

  • Shallow Depth of field
  • High depth of field
  • Subject in motion (freeze frame)
  • Background in motion (motion blur)

Creative block is the phrase for today. I managed to put together what I think maybe filled the brief (written before feedback) but struggled to ‘push the boat out’ and think really creatively about a set of photos that had the potential to be really exciting.

I like this set that I came up with.

The actual DSLR induction was fast paced and overwhelming for me, feeling like a bit of a fluke – wanting to pursue a career in photography yet don’t know the simples of camera techniques? The information came quickly and although I made notes, definite research might be a key point when moving forward, conducting my own inductions but possibly at a more basic level, really stripping it back. Although I find the theory behind the camera being complicated, actually applying it is a different method, definitely when you’re just trying to make everything work, and especially when mixing and matching settings to do what you need it to.

I like the dreamy colour palettes and soft focus of the green photo with the shallow depth of field, the different elements between the foreground, background and middle ground create a real depth to the photos, and the colours add to a photo that has a really soft and easy effect on the eyes.

I also love the blur and the juxtaposition with the still, this hones in onto the interest I’ve shown within my research to street photography, the candid nature of the shot really creates an atmosphere that I would really love to create within my photos in this project. The black and white seems like an easy way out – an easy way to create an atmosphere, so I think I’ll challenge myself to sticking to shooting in colour, but maybe using in camera processes, such as film or disposables to create the mood within the photos (as photoshop is forbidden!)

Things to take away;

  • I like shooting with colour + creating a ‘mood’
  • street photography / candid shots with a certain light interest me
  • I enjoy shooting with a shallow depth of field, with something of note within the foreground that has potential to distract, but doesn’t.

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