Reflections on initial research period (after project launch)

Copied notes from my journal, written on my commute to uni, on the bus. 

– Didnt use my time v. wisely during set time – meant all work backed up. Then late home meant little time to do work in the evening (I had got on the wrong bus and ended up getting home at 7:30)

  • interesting to find style i liked – Parr, Meyerowitz, ERIC KIM (See sketchbook for artist analysis).
  • Documenting interesting light in my surroundings – interesting to see what grabs my attention, mostly strong shadow lines, interesting shadows, golden hour – dawn/ dusk?
  • still drawn towards photographing people within the light, how does it impact them and mood of the photo – ‘glowy’ light, harsher light? does it make it more feminine? – PLAY WITH TROPES OF ‘FEM’ OR ‘MASC’ LIGHT? – colour theory/ psychology?
  • Look into using ‘flash’ – how many different ways can you use/ find ‘flash’
    • shooting through lace overlayed on flash?
    • gels overlayed on flash
    • getting close to faces, how does flash ‘blow out’ faces?
  • Stand alone portraits vs. series vs. narrative?
  • Shooting couple in same pose in varying light set ups – how does light impact the mood?

Although this evaluation/ reflection seemed to turn into more of an ideas page, I found that ideas and inspiration  was coming, I was just struggling to see how to execute these ideas at the time. I’m not one for asking for help unless I either know the person I’m gaining inspiration from, or am really struggling. I find myself so quickly trying to prove to people that I have ideas and can do it on my own, when really I do need to be more open to suggestions and artist recommendations etc. At least this is something I have recognised now, as opposed to the end of the project! 

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