Reflection of induction week – 4/9/17

My first day at AUB started with a bright and early start – a shock to the system! I found my way around the campus with only a few missed turns, remembering from open days and soon found myself surrounded by people who all suddenly were interested in the same subjects as me, and had all chosen to be here. Definitely a change from an A level course, amongst many other things, as I discovered throughout the first week and working through the creative process. I found that, as before during A level, I find it quite customary to scribble down thoughts and ideas as I go along, often quite critical upon myself. But I also found my time management skills to be lacking, although mostly down to personal matters happening during the week. I feel as these matters are now resolved, I am able to throw myself more fully into the course, being able to really express my ideas in a way that represents the techniques I have learnt up until this point.

Upon reflections of the work I’ve produced for the object project, I think I need to do some more work and mind maps to expand on what I really want my ideas to convey, as I found my final practical work that I presented came as a bit of pot luck during experimentation with appropriation and re-purposing of imagery. I think this is a definite point of potential downfall within my work, as I’ve always found myself to enjoying creating and then working backwards, finding it quite difficult for artist research, whether primary or secondary, to actually influence my work. I find myself taking visual influence very quickly, leading to a classic A level ‘response’ to the ideas, as opposed to learning a technique or gathering influence in a more abstract way.

I found myself able to switch between ideas easily, as I followed the creative process through to the point of really distilling the 3 main ideas I had down to the bare bones, although maybe even more so in thinking processes than with physical evidence (another point to work on). I found myself eager to waft away the more complicated ideas even though I found myself particularly drawn to them, as weighing up the ideas I was trying to convey with the ideas of the final finished outcome always exposed a problem. Whether this was that the finished outcome was too abstract, or too literal, I think this ability might become helpful in the future, especially when faced with a broad project where I find hundreds of ideas (although complicated is never bad, just not practical within a week!)

As I stated before, personal matters meant I didn’t use my independent study day as I wanted to, and I was distracted throughout the week, but I am excited to get fully stuck into working and potential using my time more wisely, either at home or in the studios.

Within the crit when we presented our work, I got some valuable feedback, although I didn’t feel like I expressed my ideas and processes very well, not being used to presenting work to others. I also found myself to be quite quiet when it came to giving feedback to others, as I found it difficult to express what I had on my mind and able to formulate my thoughts and then present them before we moved on. This is definitely something to work on as I really am of the view that feedback, however presented is really invaluable.

Some of the feedback included working with scale – they liked how intimate and close you had to get to the playing cards to be able to see the details, so definitely this is a direction to potentially look into within either resolving this project or continuation of another one. I was surprised  when the group said they thought I had enough research, as I really felt like I hadn’t conducted enough investigation, although early on within the project I had gone down some interesting strands of research, again possibly not so detailed within my sketchbook.

The main feedback though was to do with communication and conveying of ideas – as I briefly touched on earlier, I need to do some more exploration into this. Perhaps something to do with the superficiality of youth and beauty culture, and how easy it is to ‘play’ with cosmetic surgery to completely change your look…?

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